CardioInspect presented at Medica 2021


Imageens, a prominent French MedTech startup, had the privilege of participating in Medica 2021, where we unveiled our state-of-the-art solution, CardioInspect based on Artfun+ technology (link). This revolutionary technology is positioned to revolutionize cardiovascular risk assessment by offering predictive insights that extend up to 8.5 years into the future.

This innovation is rooted in vascular aging biomarkers, quantified through a certified technology classified as a Class 2a medical device in compliance with the European Union’s MDR regulations. It delivers a predictive score surpassing current risk assessments (e.g., CAC score, Carotid IMT, Framingham, etc.) and boasts clinical validation across several significant cohorts (+77 publications). Among these is the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), spearheaded by Johns Hopkins, which tracked 3,675 patients over an 8.5-year period.

Cardiovascular diseases remain a global health challenge, affecting millions of lives and placing a significant burden on healthcare systems worldwide. With CardioInspect, Imageens aims to confront this challenge head-on by introducing a solution that offers unparalleled accuracy in forecasting a patient’s cardiovascular risk.

During the event, Jean-Yves Yan, Senior Software Engineer at Imageens, shared his expertise and highlighted the transformative capabilities of CardioInspect. Yan explained, “Consider a 35-year-old patient with an unfavorable lifestyle and specific risk factors. Our advanced technology can analyze the rigidity of their aorta and the efficiency of cardiac wall contractions. Surprisingly, this patient’s cardiovascular age might resemble that of an 85-year-old individual. The encouraging news is that with appropriate interventions and lifestyle adjustments, the patient can experience a significant reduction in their vascular age over time.”

By harnessing the potential of medical imaging and predictive algorithms, this innovative solution empowers both patients and healthcare providers with invaluable insights to develop more effective preventive care strategies.

About Imageens:

Imageens is a Paris-based Healthtech company founded in 2017, dedicated to the prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Since its inception, Imageens has been immersed in international DeepTech and established with the goal of developing market-ready medical image processing software. This software is based on over 10 years of technical and clinical research conducted by world-class research institutions such as Sorbonne Université, AP-HP, and Johns Hopkins.

From the outset, Imageens has demonstrated its ability to harness advanced AI in creating cutting-edge medical software. This innovation has garnered recognition through several prestigious French innovation competitions and multiple innovation labels.

Today, Imageens leads the charge in the rapidly growing field of AI in cardiovascular health and medical imaging. The company boasts the world’s most clinically validated technology for analyzing arterial function through MRI. This technology, combined with other AI components, is poised to revolutionize treatment decisions in cardiovascular health and beyond. Learn more at

About Medica:

Medica is one of the largest medical B2B trade fairs globally. This event showcases a wide array of innovative products and services from medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, to physiotherapy/orthopedic technology and medical consumables. The program includes forums, conferences, special shows, presentations, and discussions with experts and politicians, along with product pitches and award ceremonies. 

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